At SPM Machine Works, we manufacture a wide variety of components, including prototype and CNC production of machined parts in low to high volume. Our customers are in the aerospace, automation-robotics, electronics, packaging, environmental, pharmaceutical, hydraulic cylinder, and other high-tech industries. We machine many types of material including, but not limited to, forgings, castings, ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. 

Facility: Fully Heated and Air Conditioned with QA Lab and Programming 

Software: Mastercam

3 - Okuma Genos L300M Turning Centers with live tooling
1 - Okuma LB-15 11M Turning Center with live tooling 
2 - Okuma Genos L400 Turning Centers
2 - Okuma Genos L3000E Turning Centers
1 - Okuma LB-3000EX 
1 - Okuma Crown Turning Center

1 - Okuma MB5000HII

2 - Okuma M560V with 4th Axis Rotary Indexer 
1 - Hardinge GX1000
1 - Haas VF2

Quality Department:

In addition to the list below we have a QA Lab which is continually evolving as customer requirements change. It is currently stocked with the full compliment of inspection equipment, thread gages and hand tools. 

3 - Mahr Digimar Height Gauges
2 - Mitutoyo PH-A14 Optical Comparator equipped with QM Data 2000  
2 - Surface Plates 24 x 36 (2 inspection station set ups)

Multiple digital calipers, micrometers, bore gauges and support gauges.


2 - Cosan C260NC Automatic Saw
1 - Manual Drill Press 
2 - Fork Lift Trucks 
1 - Vibratory Tumbler
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